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Cigna Teams Up with Cup of Uji Kenya

Cigna Teams Up with Cup of Uji Kenya

Cigna has partnered with Cup of Uji Kenya, a school feeding programme founded by Hope Alive Organization, to reduce food insecurity among primary school children in Kenya.

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supporting staff members3

Supporting staff members dealing with stress

Mental health has a critical impact on economic development and wellbeing. Mental health issues have been shown to increase employee absenteeism, lower rates of productivity and increase costs.

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Sleep and Stress
Lack of sleep, fatigue, exhaustion, insomnia, long working hours – these are key indicators for chronic stress and poor performance at work. Ongoing sleep problems can be both a symptom and cause of stress.
The future of innovation at Cigna
The start of a new decade is the perfect time to think ahead and dream of what we can achieve.
Case study: value based care
People’s preferences for accessing health care are shifting as new care options emerge and disrupt the status quo.
Exploring trust at the CHS Alliance HHR Conference
The CHS Alliance, a global alliance of humanitarian and development organisations committed to making aid work better for people, held their annual Humanitarian HR (HHR) Conference in Antwerp, Belgium from 2nd to 4th October.
Building a sustainable health care system for international organisations
Every other year, Cigna organises a seminar for International Organisations to discuss a current topic in health services for globally mobile employees.
See stress differently
At Cigna, we’re driven by our aim of helping those we serve to improve their health, wellbeing and peace of mind.
How virtual reality can help treat chronic pain
Imagine living with pain every day. One in five adults suffers from chronic pain and many of them have been struggling with it for years.
Preventing chronic diseases with lifestyle medicine
Today, chronic diseases represent the major share of the burden of diseases all over the world.
Innovating the health care experience
Consumer behaviour and technology are rapidly evolving. And the right innovations have the potential to change the way consumers use health care
Driving conversations on sustainable health care
Every other year, Cigna organises a seminar for International Organisations to discuss a current topic in health services for globally mobile employees.
Further expanding our local presence in Africa
On 20th June, Cigna officially opened a new office in the One Africa Place building in Nairobi, Kenya.
NGOs come together to discuss safeguarding
NGOs play an important role in helping the most vulnerable in regions all around the world.
Solutions for affordable and personalised health care
Health care is currently under increasing societal pressures such as technological innovation, access to care and a changing, more demanding, mind-set of customers.
The importance of duty of care in the NGO sector
While on a mission in Kenya in 2012, Norwegian Refugee Council staff member and project manager Steven Dennis was traveling in a convoy when it came under fire.
Workplace wellbeing needs more work
Workplace wellbeing needs more work
Stress continues to affect employees around the world; adversely affecting how people feel about the workplace and contributing to a decline in physical health.
How healthy are employees around the world?
People aspire to live well and stay well, a challenging endeavour when we are confronted by numerous challenges to our health and wellbeing.