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In good times or bad. In sickness and in health. During the day, or in the middle of the night. You can always reach out to us. Here’s some advice on how to contact us. So that we can meet your needs, faster.


Frequently asked questions

You can contact us by email, by post, or by phone. We usually respond to enquiries within two days, however, if your request is urgent we ask that you call us. You can find our phone number on your personal webpages or on your ID card. When sending us an email, please include your personal reference number in the subject line as this will ensure a quicker response time.

Log in to your personal webpages to consult all information regarding your plan and access our online services.

If we have received your email address, you will receive an email with an activation code. Sometimes, we don’t receive an email address for a new plan member. In these cases we send a welcome letter that includes a new membership card. In this letter, you’ll also find your activation code.

If you need urgent access to your personal webpages, please call us at + 32 3 217 68 68 and we will help you activate your account.

Your plan’s reimbursement rates and requirements, ceilings and exclusions are available in your Description of Benefits. You’ll find this on your personal webpages.

The Health encyclopaedia on your personal webpages provides you with detailed information on diseases, symptoms and treatments. Once logged in, go to the My Health section.

Claiming expenses

Submitting a claim for your medical expenses may seem like an administrative challenge. We understand. That’s why we’ve made the process as simple as possible. Here’s how it works.

Frequently asked questions
  • In case of a planned admission, contact us well in advance so we can arrange for direct payment of your expenses, if applicable to your plan.
  • Direct payment is also possible in case of an emergency or accident. Simply show your membership card to the health care provider upon admission and have someone contact us as soon as possible.

To help us arrange direct payment in case of a planned hospitalisation, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your personal webpages and search for your preferred provider in the Provider List section. If your provider has no direct payment agreement with us, simply contact us and we will try and arrange direct payment on a case-by-case basis.
  2. Then to go the Contact page and click Request a guarantee of payment. Fill in all the necessary information and send the form to us. In case of an urgent admission, please call us.
    Please remember to include as many details as possible when you send us a Guarantee of payment request. We need to know the diagnosis, the planned treatment and if possible the estimated cost. If you have any medical reports or prescriptions, please include them in your request.
  3. You can also ask the provider to fill in the Cost estimate form.
  4. Cigna sends a Guarantee of payment (GOP) to both you and the provider within 48 hours. This document mentions whether or not the treatment is covered and what portion of the expenses will be invoiced to us directly.
  5. Upon admission, show your membership card and Guarantee of payment to the provider.
  6. Cigna settles the bill directly with the provider. You only have to pay the remaining patient portion. After we settle with the provider, you will receive a settlement note.

The settlement of your claim

Once you have sent us a claim, of course you expect a smooth and swift reimbursement. Therefore, we aim for a rapid and hassle-free settlement of your claim. Discover how our Online settlements service gives you real-time insight into your settlements - anytime, anywhere.


Frequently asked questions

Cigna sends you a detailed settlement note by post, or by email if you have registered to our Settlement details online service. With this service you can also follow the status of your claim on your personal webpages. If your claim has not been accepted or if it has been only partially accepted, you will find detailed explanation on your settlement note.

We understand that you expect a smooth and swift reimbursement of your claims. We aim for a quick and hassle-free settlement of all claims. Please be sure to add all relevant documents to your claim so we can process your claim smoothly and quickly.

What to do in case of hospitalisation

Being admitted to a hospital is stressful enough. That’s why we go the extra mile to make things as easy as possible for you. So that you can focus on getting better. Whether you are planning an admission , or end up in hospital because of an accident, we’re here to help.


Frequently asked questions

Of course! Log in to your personal webpages and search for your preferred provider in the Provider List section. You can easily search for all types of health care providers by name, medical speciality, or region and you can find out which agreements we have with them. You can select the health care provider of your choice, or rely on our professional network.

You can benefit from direct payment agreements and the discounts we negotiated for you.

If your provider does not have an agreement with us, simply contact us and we will try to arrange direct payment and/or a discount on a case-by-case basis. Please keep in mind that this is not always possible.

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