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Worldwide access to health care

With Cigna, you are free to select the provider of your choice. You can also rely on our own network of more than 10,000 hospitals, doctors and specialists and benefit from the direct payment agreements and discounts we have negotiated for you. Our network is continually monitored and updated. 


Free choice of providers

Cigna recognises that you are an individual with unique health care needs. We respect your right to make decisions regarding your medical care. We give you complete freedom to select the provider who will treat you, wherever you are and whatever organisation you work for.

This is one of the fundamental principles of Cigna employee benefits plans. By accepting claims in various languages and reimbursing your covered expenses in virtually any currency, we make sure you can exercise your freedom of choice of providers.

However, we are still here to help you quickly find a health care provider in our network if you need one.


Looking for a health care provider?

Use our Provider search to look for hospitals, doctors and various specialists. You can search by name, location, type of facility and/or specialty.


  • To access the network, you have to log in first to your personal webpages. Once logged in, go to the Provider List section.

  • If you want to visit an out-of-network provider or do not find your preferred provider in our list, contact us and we will try to make the necessary arrangements to include him. 

Direct payment: no need to pay upfront

You can benefit from direct payment agreements with all hospitals in our network and many other providers. You do not have to advance the expenses covered under your plan as providers will send their invoices directly to Cigna. Your financial responsibility is limited to your patient portion.

If your provider does not have an agreement with us, simply contact us and we will try and arrange direct payment on a case-by-case basis.



Discounts on your patient portion

We have negotiated advantageous discount agreements with most providers in our network because we know how costly medical care can be. Our goal is to limit your patient portion to a minimum and to enable you to enjoy the benefits of your insurance much longer before your expenses reach the ceilings defined in your plan.