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A personal experience with Global Telehealth


One of the most exciting features of our Cigna Wellbeing app is Global Telehealth. With Global Telehealth, your employees have convenient access to quality health care. They can consult a licensed doctor with private, online, and live appointments via a secure video or phone conversation to discuss health issues. They can speak to a doctor within 72 hours, wherever they are in the world.

Convenient access to quality health care

“My son had a groin rupture which resulted in a bump. We were concerned because the bump had suddenly grown. So, at 12:00 on a Friday, I made an appointment for a call with a doctor that evening at 18:00, when I’d be home with the kids.

The doctor called us at 18:00 and I explained what I saw and how my son felt. The doctor asked a lot of questions and we discussed what could possibly be happening. The doctor concluded it was probably an inguinal hernia. He told me I could wait until after the weekend to see our GP, unless my son would show specific symptoms.

I was happy we didn’t have to drive to the hospital during rush hour and that we wouldn’t have to spend hours in the emergency room on a Friday evening. And I was relieved to hear my son was not very sick.

The doctor listened very carefully, took a lot of time to explain things and allowed me to ask many questions. Our GP has much less time for us and we usually have to wait at least 30 minutes in the waiting room. The call with the doctor was much more efficient.

After our call, I received a report via the Cigna Wellbeing app and a copy via email. This report summarised the consultation and repeated the doctor’s advice for next steps and in which cases we should go see a doctor.

On Monday night, our GP confirmed the diagnosis provided by the Global Telehealth doctor. My son has had surgery and is now completely healthy again.

Next time I need to see a GP I will definitely get in touch with Global Telehealth first.”