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Opioid Addiction is a Preventable Disease

12 july 2018

Opioid (painkiller) addiction could affect anybody. No one is immune. By taking a compassionate, evidence-based approach to treatment, we can focus on education and prevention to help stop the disease before it starts. By working together to tackle opioid addiction we can help stop the stigma and break the cycle. A sympathetic employer can help their employees recover their health and their lives.

Help Employees Manage Pain

Opioids could be impacting your employees, as well as your business. There are preventive measures you can take to help make sure your employees are treating pain safely and responsibly.

Here are some ways to help your employees manage pain:

  • Fight the stigma. Let employees know that they can confidentially seek treatment without jeopardising their jobs.
  • Take advantage of the EAP. An Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) offers counselling, information and support for all types of issues. It’s especially useful for managers to help with unfamiliar situations such as opioid misuse in the workplace.
  • Educate employees. Let your employees know the risks of opioids. Help educate them about other options for managing pain such as occupational therapy, physical therapy, behavioural health treatment and massage.
  • Draft a written policy. Your company’s legal department can assist with drafting a policy that addresses the use of prescribed opioids as well as the risks of opioid misuse in the workplace to help ensure employees are safe and healthy.
  • Conduct supervisor training. Managers also need proper education and training about the resources available to help an employee who may be experiencing a personal or family problem involving opioids.

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