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LOOKING For a personaL approach for your employees' medical condition?

2 February 2017

Our clinical case managers focus on providing support to a customer who is faced with a long hospital stay, a serious illness, or needs help coordinating a major medical intervention or repatriation. It is in these complex situations that we make a difference, for the patient and your plan.

Once notified of a case, our case managers step in to enhance the patients’ comfort and well-being, while keeping the costs under control by lowering out-of-pocket expenses which ensures the long term viability of your medical plan.

To our case managers, it is more than just another case: they keep close contact with the patient throughout the hospitalisation or treatment, with personal visits or calls to see how they are coping. Our case managers coordinate access to care, explore service/treatment alternatives, monitor progress, assist with discharge planning and follow-up and help ensure existing benefits are used effectively.

Our Chronic Condition Management (CCM) programme can be made available to your employees and their family members who suffer from diabetes, coronary artery disease or HIV. It’s designed to help them better manage their condition.

What are the main objectives?

  • To improve self-management skills
  • To prevent acute care and complications
  • To obtain peace of mind
  • To improve overall health and quality of life

How does it work in practice?

Your employees work with a personal coach from our clinical team on a one-to-one basis to achieve personal goals. Over the course of a year, the coach will schedule approximately 12 telephone coaching sessions (about 1 telephone session per month).


Promoting good health is as important as providing the proper cure. That’s why we actively work on health awareness and improvement; for everyone and at an affordable price. The result? Healthy, happy and more productive employees!

What’s on offer for your employees?

  • Health information
  • Health coaching
  • Health assistance

Would you like to know more about our Chronic Condition Management programme?
contact us for more information.