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Innovation and Rethinking the Claiming Experience

30 March 2017

Mathieu Dubois recently moved from his Digital Marketing Manager role to a newly created Innovation Manager position. We asked him to fill us in on his new role and the innovations Cigna has in store for 2017.

What does your job as Innovation Manager entail?

Innovation is genuinely at the heart of everything I do. From exploring and creating new ideas, methods and technologies to introducing them to our organisation so we can advance positive and effective change. I love to grab an idea, help it mature and translate it into actions that create lasting value for our clients, plan members and health care providers.

"In short, my job is not just about creating ideas; it’s about making ideas happen."

Why is innovation important?

Consumer behaviour and technology are rapidly evolving and innovation has the potential to change the way consumers use health care. By putting innovation at the core of our business, we not only improve our services, we also discover a better way of doing things — more productive, more responsive, and even more fun.

What is Cigna's vision on innovation?

We want to empower plan members by giving them accessible tools to easily manage their health. That’s why Cigna is investing heavily in state-of-the-art technology solutions. With our international expertise and almost 60 years of experience, we are determined to keep pioneering innovation in the health insurance industry.

We define digital innovation as a way to make health insurance products personalised, highly relevant and more intuitive. Our claiming project is a good example of how we strive to develop a new and easier claiming experience through digital innovation.

How will the new way of claiming help customers?

For our plan members, the ultimate moment of truth is when they submit a claim. Most plan members pay little attention to their medical plan until they have medical costs. And when they have a claim, they expect excellent service. And rightfully so! That’s why we decided to rethink the claiming experience and optimise it for both the member and for our daily operations.

With the new set-up, we step away from the traditional difference between paper and digital claiming: we created one application that takes care of both. We’ve also updated our Cigna Health Benefits app so that users can take pictures of medical invoices and submit claims on the go.

What else can we expect from Cigna in 2017?

We’re looking into simplifying the authorisation processes for treatments by our in-network providers. We’re also exploring how new payment technologies can transform how providers interact with us. Our aim is always to minimise administration.