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The four dimensions of health

23 February 2017

By listening to international organisations, Cigna chose to focus on health and wellbeing and to be much more than a claims administrator. We want to partner with our clients and support them in creating a sustainable culture of health.

How can you create a sustainable culture of health? The first and most important part is awareness. 

Do you know how healthy your employees are?

We identified four dimensions of health and three areas of impact, visualised in the table below.

As a health services provider, we aim to improve the mental health, the physical health, and the social situations for our customers with our Health & Wellbeing services. One example is our Medical Advice and Support Services for customers living with a chronic or complex condition or who are diagnosed with a serious disease. These are Clinical Case Management, Chronic Condition Management and Decision Support.

Clinical Case Management

Heart surgery, cancer and other complex conditions need support that goes further than the reimbursements of medical costs. Our fully-trained nurses can explain any procedures, treatments and side-effects customers might encounter. Besides offering practical support, they also provide moral support during difficult times.

Chronic Condition Management

Customers with diabetes or a cardiovascular condition can receive coaching, one-on-one advice and support from one of our case managers. The case manager will employ a variety of resources focused on meeting the customer’s mental, physical and emotional needs. Their goal is to avoid hospitalisation by putting their health first.

Decision Support

With rare diseases, serious illnesses and other conditions that are difficult to diagnose and handle, customers may have trouble deciding on the right treatment. In such cases, the Decision support programme can help them feel confident about their diagnosis and the proposed treatments or surgery. It gives customers access to the knowledge and experience of international specialists. The renowned medical consultants help them make informed decisions about correct diagnoses and the available treatment options.


If you would like to know more about our Health & Wellbeing solutions, please contact Livia Mensah or your Account Manager.