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Food matters

17 May 2018

Employers who invest in their employees’ health receive an estimated ROI of at least 76% on productivity gains alone. Employees who improve their diet and their health increase productivity by about 10%.1

These ideas will encourage your staff to eat healthier. Here are some ways to make lasting changes.

Make it easier 2

  • Provide a daily mini fruit bar, serve fruit at meetings instead of biscuits or cake, and add healthier options to vending machines.
  • Create a staff kitchen or dining area for preparing or heating up homemade meals.
  • Provide discounts on healthy snacks and meals.

Give it a name 3

  • Add labels to healthier meals or snacks, marking items as low-fat, low-salt, or low-sugar and highlighting nutritional information.
  • Partner with catering services and plan menus which make the most of high quality ingredients.

Educate and inspire 2, 4

  • Add posters around the office with tips, information, and reminders such as “Eat your 5 a day”.
  • Organise workshops where people can learn new cooking skills and food pairings.
  • Set up fun and healthy competitions among colleagues, such as a challenge to eat at least four home cooked meals in a week or a vegetable “bake-off”.




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