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Disrupting Health Care

11 June 2019

Medical costs continue to rise around the world, and at rates significantly higher than regular inflation. This is driven by a number of factors, including the rise of chronic conditions and mental health issues, aging populations and overpricing by health care providers and pharmaceutical companies. In addition to rising costs and increasing demand, people now expect personalisation throughout all services, including health care.

The global environment is a challenging one for individuals trying to manage their health and the health of their families. It’s even more so for International Organisations who want to provide access to effective, affordable and relevant health care for these individuals. Due to increasing financial pressures, keeping effective health plans viable is now more challenging than ever.

Common goal

Cigna shares a common goal with IGOs and NGOs. We want to keep staff members healthy and safe by providing access to high-quality, transparent, personalised and affordable health care services. To achieve this goal, Cigna actively invests in innovation in customer and health care provider experience and in data analytics.

We focus on partnering with providers to foster affordability and partnering with clients to invest in prevention through awareness. For our plan members, we provide access to trustworthy, personalised and objective information and tools to help them stay healthy and improve their health.

Sustainable health care model

However, in addition to providing innovative health services, we also need a sustainable health care model that is both personalised and affordable. Cigna is committed to continuing to participate and play a convening role in prompting a constructive conversation on how we can best create a sustainable health care system. This must be a sector-wide dialogue; as no single entity has all the answers to get us there.

To drive this conversation with International Organisations and health care providers, Cigna is organising a seminar on the topic of Disrupting Health Care through Affordability and Personalisation, which will take place in Madrid, Spain on 14th June.

During the seminar, we’ll look at the role partnerships, prevention and data may play in creating a sustainable health care model. We’ll also look at how International Organisations can fulfil their duty of care by offering their globally mobile staff members affordable personalised health care.

Our panel of expert speakers will explore many challenges regarding affordability in the current environment. These include:  high medical inflation, innovations that allow patients to self-manage their health, new technologies for sustainable mental health care, transformative models of health care and how prevention is essential for affordability.


In the long run, improving health and wellbeing are the only sustainable ways to reduce demand and keep the workforce healthy and productive. This is where Cigna sees an opportunity to be a true health partner for International Organisations and their staff members.

Cigna is active on the curative, clinical side and on the preventive, wellbeing side; for both physical and mental health.

This makes Cigna the partner of choice for IGOs and NGOs with international and local staff members in various countries; often including remote regions.