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Discover the key Health & Wellbeing trends for 2018


With an increasingly competitive job market, one of the main issues HR managers face is finding and retaining top talent. According to Cigna’s 2018 360° Wellbeing Survey, 73% of millennials (and 68% overall) says workplace wellbeing programmes are a deciding factor when choosing an employer. A Health & Wellbeing programme will not only help you become an employer of choice, it will also help you fulfil your duty of care for staff members. 

The first step in creating a Health & Wellbeing programme is to know where to focus your efforts. Cigna’s 2018 360° Wellbeing Survey gives you insights to the key health and wellbeing issues people are facing today. Cigna launched the survey in 2014, with the goal of exploring wellbeing perceptions and concerns. This year’s survey is Cigna’s most global yet; talking to nearly 14,500 people in 23 countries around the world.

The survey uncovered rising awareness of the need to prepare for old age. People want to remain active and financially independent. Consequently, they’re working harder and increasingly calling for employers to help manage workplace stress.

Cigna's 360° Wellbeing survey results

For the five key health and wellbeing areas we track – physical, family, social, finance and work – we saw slight declines, due mainly to growing concerns over both Social and Physical wellbeing. While the overall index declined, the work pillar saw an improvement and Family and Financial wellbeing remained relatively flat.

The social pillar recorded the biggest drop, of 5.9 points, in the 2018 survey; with the “Sandwich Generation” (35-49 years) saying they do not have sufficient time to relax.

We also saw a decline in the physical pillar. People cited healthy weight, eating a balanced diet and enjoying good sleep as major concerns.

In this year’s survey, employees report having higher amounts of workplace stress as well as the need for help from employers to manage it. One in six survey respondents said they were unable to manage stress.

Workplace wellness programmes make stress more manageable for employees.

For employers, stress management is a huge opportunity to address productivity and attract and retain talent. Demonstrating the impact of modern life, stress management has become the number one employee insurance benefit request, over traditional basics such as dental and vision care.

Download the full 360° Wellbeing Survey report

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At Cigna, we have 60 years of experience in providing health services to International Organisations. Our dedicated Health & Wellbeing team can help you create a programme tailored to your organisation’s unique needs. Get in touch to find out how we can support you.