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Our dedicated Health & Wellbeing approach

10 January 2019

Livia Mensah, Cigna’s Health & Wellbeing Coordinator, gives us a peek into her role and how she can help organisations create a sustainable culture of health.

Can you share more about your role?

I focus on guiding our clients in an exciting journey through our 360° approach to health and wellbeing. I noticed that ‘health and wellbeing’ sometimes raises eyebrows and that some may see this as an unattainable goal. Organisations often don’t realise they’ve already taken steps to incorporate a holistic approach to health and wellbeing in their organisation.

Why did Cigna create your role?

Shifting focus from sickness to health has an enormous potential to increase quality of life and productivity. It also requires coordination between several stakeholders from within an organisation. That’s where I come in. We learned that our clients appreciate getting assistance from a subject matter expert to support them in rolling out tailored solutions for their needs. This approach truly sets us apart from other insurers. We’re focused on designing and perfecting a whole array of programmes and answers to support our clients in developing a sustainable culture of health. As this is a continuous and organic process, creating a dedicated coordinating role was a natural progression.

"Shifting focus from sickness to health has an enormous potential to increase quality of life and productivity."

Which questions can clients ask you?

Any question related to their health and wellbeing strategy, for instance which products are available, which steps to take to engage staff, how Cigna’s services could be co-branded, etc. While a health and wellbeing strategy requires a strong employer commitment, it’s really more affordable than you may think. I’m always excited to help an employer build a complete and long-term vision and strategy.

Which Health & Wellbeing services does Cigna currently offer?

The whole spectrum of our products is designed to cater to the four dimensions of health in a population: the healthy, the healthy at risk, people suffering from a chronic condition and finally people who have been affected by a serious disease.

As health cannot be contained within borders, we have designed a set of programmes to suit any employee anywhere in the world, whatever their language, culture or environment may be. On a deeper level, our services range from Health Risk Assessments to video calls with international doctors, medical advice and support, and Employee Assistance Programmes. All developed in numerous languages and serviced by a diverse and international team.

We also support clients in what ideally would be the first step towards building a health and wellbeing strategy, such as bringing in experts and all the client’s stakeholders to perform a Workplace Wellbeing Evaluation. Our programmes are flexible so they can be adapted on request.

If you would like to know more about our Health & Wellbeing solutions, please contact Livia Mensah or your Account Manager.