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Bart Jordens appointed Global Head of Innovation, meet our new CEO Arjan Toor

1 February 2018

We are pleased to announce that Bart Jordens has been appointed Global Head of Innovation. After 15 years in the exciting world of IGO’s and NGO’s, he’s now moving to a global role within the Cigna organisation. In his most recent position as CEO International Organisations and Africa, Bart Jordens successfully implemented pioneering service innovations that significantly improved the customer experience of IGO and NGO staff members, combined with a focus on the Africa market expansion.

Together with this change, we are excited to announce that Arjan Toor will take on a broader role as CEO International Organisations, Global IPMI and Africa. Building on the success and significant growth within GIPMI (Global Individual Private Medical Insurance) and his previous marketing leadership roles, Arjan Toor is ideally positioned to lead the next stage of growth and solutions for IGOs and NGOs, as well as driving our strategic growth plans for Africa.

Watch Bart Jordens and Arjan Toor explain their new roles in this short video.


Bart Jordens’ new role and the expanded role of Arjan Toor will enable us to continue to be the undisputed leader in the global health space and drive further growth by leveraging and aligning key talent in our organisation.

Towards clients and partners, Arjan Toor will be supported by Erwin Minsaer, Director IGO and NGO Health Benefits, Angela Rooney, Global NGO Director and Gilles Nyssens, Business Development Director Africa.