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Are employers providing adequate 'Duty of Care' to the globally mobile?

1 June 2017

Duty of care is the obligation to ensure the safety or wellbeing of others. To provide duty of care, employers need to:

  • ensure a physically safe working environment;
  • provide training on how to operate machinery;
  • set reasonable working hours;
  • protect employees from harassment or bullying;
  • and provide ways for employees to raise concerns and give feedback without recrimination.

Duty of care may be a legal and moral obligation. But it’s also a good business practice. If employees know an organisation is concerned about their health, safety and wellbeing, it builds trust and engagement, and can support productivity and long-term commitment.

Globally employed feel unprotected

The 2017 Cigna Global Mobility Trends Survey reports:

  • >50% of globally mobile individuals feel their employers don’t offer adequate duty of care.
  • 74% believe they don’t have sufficient funds to support their family’s healthcare needs and expenses.

We know that most employers have the very best intentions, but it can difficult to translate them into reality. At Cigna, we’re happy to help your employees with their health and wellbeing needs. We also go further than medical support. We strongly believe in providing preventive care to protect the wellbeing of your employees.

Expectations of a ‘duty of loyalty’

While employers provide duty of care, a ‘duty of loyalty’ is expected from employees to follow policies and procedures. It’s important to encourage employees to look after their own health, fitness and wellbeing. This is where the ever-expanding range of health-related apps and technology tools come into play.

Cigna provides a wide range of tools to help your employees look after their health:

  • Personal webpages and Cigna app to find health care providers nearby
  • Online Health & Wellness Library
  • Health Risk Assessments
  • International Employee Assistance Programme (advice and support by phone or face-to-face)

If you would like us to help you create a duty of care strategy for your organisation, just contact us. We're happy to help you!