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When one of our plan members needs your medical services, you focus on giving the patient the best medical care and saving lives. We arrange direct and fast settlement of your invoices and make it easy for you to do business with us. That’s our focus, that’s our commitment. 


Discover the many advantages you can benefit from as a member of Cigna’s provider network:

Fast and guaranteed payment of your invoices

Being an in-network provider means that you have a direct payment and/or discount agreement with Cigna. Treatment of a plan member whose eligibility is confirmed grants you seamless payment of your invoices. Accepted invoices are reimbursed within 30 days following their receipt!

More patients, higher turnover

We encourage our plan members to visit in-network health care providers with whom we have a direct payment agreement. This message has definitely come across: last year, direct payment was applied in 75% of the hospitalisations we processed. 


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Greater visibility

Once you have entered the Cigna provider network, your contact details will be visible to more than 1 million plan members.

Valuable assistance from our dedicated teams

We are available 24/7 to assist you with any questions you have regarding eligibilty, payments, your contract, etc.