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Business Ethics and Anti-Corruption Policy

Cigna is committed to the highest standards of business ethics and integrity.

Consequently, at Cigna we take anti-corruption very seriously and are committed to compliance with applicable anti-corruption laws in the countries we operate. We also adhere to the principles set out in international treaties and conventions such as

  • the United Nations Convention against Corruption;
  • the OECD Convention on Combating Bribery;
  • the Council of Europe (COE) Conventions and Recommendations on Corruption;

We expect from all our business partners and clients that they share our commitment and sense of responsibility, and that they support Cigna’s relentless efforts of conducting business ethically throughout the world.

Therefore, we assume and expect that all our business partners and clients will comply with applicable anti-corruption laws and regulations in conducting their business with us.

By doing business with each other, it is understood that we both commit that we:

  • will not promise, offer, make nor accept any bribes (including payments of money or any other assets, gifts or other objects of value) whatsoever in order to improperly influence decisions or actions or obtain any improper advantage whatsoever; not directly nor indirectly;
  • will uphold all laws that apply and which are relevant to countering bribery and corruption, regardless of whether those laws refer to government officials, political parties, candidates for political office, public organisations or persons, and/or private organizations and persons.